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Gene Martinelli, the founding member of Celtic Conundrum, is an accomplished songwriter, guitarist and singer. He has been writing since he was in his teens. An academically trained guitarist, it has been said that Gene’s guitar is also his voice. Known for his skills with 12 string acoustic and electric guitar, he  learned to play bass guitar because he  wrote the music for the bass player in a previous band.  Gene has performed in the Americas, and Europe touring as a bass player, guitarist, and vocalist for a variety of bands and as a solo artist.

He found his love for Celtic music and the fusion of Americana in his song writing, and formed Celtic Conundrum to be able to play and share that joy and energy live!  He loves writing music on his own or with his band mates, using the stories in Celtic history and more.

Brian Seachrist is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, playing percussion, drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards. He worked for many years at Panda studio in Clearwater. There Brian honed his recording, editing, and mixing, mastering, and production skills on projects from heavy metal, bluegrass, and opera. Brian even worked on audio restoration projects.

Coming from a very musical family (his mother’s family band is pictured in the “So I’ll Remember” video), he grew up immersed in many different styles of music from different generations, and has always been fascinated, some might say mildly obsessed with, sound in general. From as far back as Brian can remember, he was always playing with tape recorders and anything sound-related, and his first impulse upon seeing a new object is usually to see what kind of noise it makes. Brian is a dynamic performer who brings a lot of energy, with a very versatile singing voice and outstanding percussions to the stage with Celtic Conundrum. Brian created a very fun vibe the moment he joined and we will never be the same! (In a good way).

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The Band

Pamela Jo Hatley Born and raised on a family farm in the foothills of the Appalachians, Pamela Jo was surrounded by music from childhood. Some of her earliest memories are of herself as a five-year-old singing along with 78-rpm records, or with her dad playing guitar, or in the church choir.

Pamela Jo grew up immersed in country, gospel, old-time, and bluegrass music, through which she developed a love of rich harmony vocals. Pamela Jo has a performing style that blends old-time, folk, and jazzy blues, with vocals that are sweet and pure, which she accompanies on guitar and banjo. Pamela loves the Celtic connection to the creation of the music she writes, and plays with Celtic Conundrum. After her time in Ireland she wishes to share that connection with others through her music.

​​​Celtic Conundrum are known for creating new traditional music, exceptional harmonies, and heart stopping vocals! Hailing from a town with Celtic roots, the band's music is further influenced by rock, folk, and the world! The members of Celtic Conundrum, have toured throughout most of the world before joining together to develop a unique style, coined as American Celtic.  The band's original music and their arrangements of traditional songs has been very well received worldwide and in publications to include Irish Music Magazine

Celtic Conundrum love playing music together and sharing harmonies; they enjoy each others company and it very much comes across on stage. 

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